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Psychedelic Circus Open Air FESTIVAL 2014
05 - 09. June 2014
19230 Glaisin / Ludwigslust / North Germany

Ladies and gentlemen: Come one, come all! Fantastic sensations for all of your senses expect you: Let yourself be hypnotized by the driving, hypnotic rhythms of our acoustic acrobats, put your eyes to the test with astonishing optical illusions and tickle your tongue with exotic tastes! Become an artist yourself and let yourself fall into the frisky- joyful hubbub in the ring!

Psychedelic Circus opens its gates at the last weekend in May for the already eleventh time. To be more precise, it is an extra-long weekend because from Thursday to Monday, visitors will have full four nights and four days to explore all the different attractions. And again there is quite something to discover: As already known from the past years, some of the most skilled and spectacular music jugglers have been invited to persuade the feet on the dance floor to perform artistic jumps and acrobatic step patterns. A complete announcement of all the artist names would simply extend the amount of these lines to the astronomic, but one thing shall be assured: Again it became a very exciting and entertaining mixture and the sound all together truly pays tribute to the term “Psychedelic” in the festival’s name. And so does the optical arrangement: An entirely new decoration concept has been ordered that will create the perfect background for the colourful hustle and bustle in the ring and the surrounding areas with multicoloured installations and a mind-altering lighting.

Psychedelic Circus strives for sustainable party together with mother nature, for this reason there will be a trash deposit again this year. To improve this issue even more, the separation of waste will be introduced on the festival ground.

So one may be excited for quite a spectacular summer kick-off when it goes in Psychedelic Circus: Clear the ring!

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INDIAN SPIRIT Open Air Festival 2014
04. - 08. September | Heiligengrabe / Germany

Ancient Indian tribe gatherings and modern Trance culture do have a huge amount of common grounds. This astonishing fact can be watched every year at the first weekend in September on an acre in North- East Germany: Now and then the members of the tribe travel even from remote areas to join these ritual meetings. And so now and then it become pretty colourful gatherings. Now and then the party attendants dance ecstatically to percussive rhythms. And now and then a mystic, yes magic moment evolves during these gatherings: The legendary Spirit.

On the one hand, Indian Spirit Festival marks the ending of the North- European outdoor season, on the other there are quite some reasons why it could be described as it’s climax. The musical program is an absolute highlight from year to year, for all the different corners of nowadays Trance scene: If sunlit Progressive, intoxicating Psychedelic or Full On sounds, energy- loaded Dark or streamlined Nu School Progressive- just every style is featured. And not just somehow: Names like California Sunshine, 40%, Domestic, X-Dream, Liquid Soul, Midimal, Emok, Gaudium or John 00 Flemming represent the current musical crème de la crème and this is just an extract from the huge line up. The pushing sounds from these artists can be heard out of a sophisticated 8-point sound system, which the one or the other might remember from 2007. Last year’s very positive feedback about the Dark floor will be put to practice, by the way, so that this area will be extended. A new decoration concept offers the appropriate scenery to meet the whole tribe again before the winter season starts, during the nights the site will be transform into a surreal ocean of lights, colours and laser beams. Also the infrastructure of the festival has been improved. There will be shower containers provided with warm water. And concerning the rubbish, a separation of it will be introduced on the ground and also the tried and tested trash deposit will be kept.

To enjoy the very special atmosphere of Indian Spirit in a relaxed mood and being able to step on the gas and party extensively together with the sun, the moon and the stars one more time, the festival will be held for full five days!

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